Golf champion Declan Burns is a big fan of MacWet

30th October 2013

The Society of One Armed Golfers Irish Open Championship was held this year in Athenry Golf Club on a very wet day in early September.

Declan Burns’ round began slowly but he soon found his form after chipping in from the edge of the green on the fourth hole for a net eagle and four points. He built this into a championship winning forty point score.

As the weather deteriorated, Declan began to feel the benefit of his MacWet gloves more and more, giving him the edge over the rest of the field.

Declan said:

“The confidence in my game and swing was aided by the security of knowing that I had complete grip on my clubs because of the Mac Wet Climatec glove I was wearing. As a one armed golfer, difficulty in maintaining grip on my clubs is heightened, if not nearly impossible, in wet weather.

The grip security offered by Mac Wet gloves is 100%. Not once did any club slip or twist in my hand at impact, they were simply unbelievable and since that day I have championed them to all that will listen.

Having tried every variety of golf manufacturer’s rain gloves or wet gloves unsuccessfully, I doubt that I will wear anything other than Mac Wet from now”.