The End of Endurance Season

22nd November 2013

Abbi Tennant, one of our sponsored riders, has come to the end of her riding season. The grand finish saw her taking on Red Dragon, a tough Welsh mountain ride, with Bright Dawn. The ride was challenging for Dawn as she conquered her fear of water on this ride. We had to leave her stable mate behind which Dawn seemed a little hesitant over continuing without him but she rode on, completing with another Grade 1.

The final weekend of the season saw Abbi drenched with rain and mud with Barik, who will go into rest period over winter being schooled occasionally to keep him active. Barik’s aims for the year was to complete his first 160km FEI and to qualify for the World Equestrian Games which were both completed in July and they are now planning for WEG.

Abbi has also been asked to ride some of the horses in next years FEI events.