Drag Hunting

2 November 2012

Drag hunts are taking place across the country as sporting enthusiasts enjoy the famously exhilarating activity that is widely described as "quite possibly the most fun you can have with your horse."

Drag hunting doesn’t involve hunting an animal, instead an artificial scent is issued prior to the hunt and it involves following the scent in a predetermined route, which is normally a fast and exciting cross-country track.

While drag hunting has gained in popularity following the fox hunting ban, it in fact dates back to the 19th Century and has been a popular country pursuit ever since.

Of course in the frenzy and drama of the drag hunt, it is always vital to ensure the riders remain in control of their horses and in command of the reins! Naturally, that requires the highest quality gloves and there are no better gloves than MacWet for enjoying an afternoon or morning hunt!

The advanced Aquatec and Climatec technology ensures the rider never loses grip on the reins through the "all grip, no slip" capabilities of these all weather gloves. Sensitivity is also vital in riding, guaranteeing the level of communication between horse and rider that is vital in this fast-paced sport. MacWet provide not only grip and control, but also sensitivity and "feel".

For more information about drag hunting, visit http://www.mdbassociation.co.uk/fmemberhunts2.htm