Great Testimonial for MacWet!

24th May 2013

Let’s get out on the grass and do our duty of divot stomping (stamping down the torn up turf at a polo match) for George Meyrick, a professional polo player!

Having recently given us a stunning testimonial for our MacWet gloves, it is the least we can do for George! Polo players require a strong grip of the polo mallet to ensure they’re game is stronger than the oppositions. Wearing MacWet gloves the rider is given our infamous ‘all grip, no slip’ advantage over the opposition as well as ensuring control over the horses reins is maintained at all times.

George commented: ‘As soon as I put on my first pair of MacWet’s I knew they were the right gloves for me as the comfort and grip was second to none. Whether in training or in a match playing against some of the world’s best polo players, I know I can rely on MacWet gloves, which allows me to fully concentrate on my game. I am confident in saying MacWet’s are currently the best all round gloves on the market.’

It seems our gloves are perfect for playing the sport of polo as skill and control is essential for this sport. MacWet gloves are the perfect accompaniment to any polo player’s kit.