Achieve Greatness with MacWet Gloves

9th May 2013

MacWet are thrilled to have helped Debbie Rounce, a professional para-rider and 2016 Paralympic hopeful find a pair of gloves which suit her needs perfectly.

Debbie recently tried and tested our MacWet gloves while riding. Debbie has one hand smaller than the other after being born with no fingers on her right hand, due to this Debbie required a pair of gloves which would fit both her hands perfectly. Second best was not an option, and we were more than happy to help out!

To view Debbie's glowing review, please go to:

We believe Debbie to be a brilliant rider, and we hope to see her, and her 'all grip, no slip' MacWet gloves at the 2016 Brazil Paralympics, taking gold for Britain!