National Cycling Week

7th June 2013

National cycling week commenced this week and we were so pleased when Caroline from Fille De La Ville asked us if she could test out our 'all grip, no slip' gloves for her cycling week feature.

It seems that she was more than happy with the gloves. Read here full review below:

"If you’ve already established that you like the cycling, and you know you want to carry on, then these are the gloves you need. I own the Micromesh long gloves in black. The Micromesh gloves are developed for warmer weather, and they aid circulation and air flow around the hand – great for if you’re cycling on a really hot day. They’re also amazing for wet conditions (many water sport enthusiasts wear them). If you’re looking for a winter pair, the website offers a wide range of lined gloves for the winter months, too. Zara Phillips has even been seen sporting these gloves. Now, if that’s not an advert for a good pair of sports gloves, I don’t know what is"

See her full review here: