MacWet announce sponsorship of the Army

10th July 2014

MacWet are proud to announce their sponsorship of the Army for their participation in the Army Operational Shooting competition (AOSC) that took place at Bisley Century range on 2nd July 2014. Captained by Cpl. Paul Calvert, the team was made up of:

1. LCpl Stevie Hart
2. LCpl 'Cus' Colaco
3. Spr - 'Bugsy' Malone
4. Spr 'JP' Phillips
5. Spr 'Greeny' Green

A part of 26 Engineer Regiment, the team qualified from the Brigade Operational Shooting competition (BOSC), where they came second overall, to compete at the Divisional Operational Shooting competition (DOSC). With 50 team entries and 11 qualification slots, the 25 Engineering Regiment finished 8th out of a total of 50 team participants.

The team wore their MacWet gloves throughout the competition, making maximum use of the ‘all grip, no slip’ technology that has made the gloves respected by shooters the world over.

Congratulations lads!