Joy for English Ladies Sea Angling Team

16th July 2013

The MacWet-sponsored English Ladies team won Silver at the Home Nations Shore Fishing International Championships.

The event was hosted in Pwellheli, Wales and was a closely fought contest between the home nation and England. The scorching 30 degree heat made conditions extremely tough but the England Ladies finished the first day in Gold medal position, securing two zone wins.

On the second day, the fishing was even more difficult but England still secured one zone win. Ultimately, this proved not to be enough to win Gold but the Ladies were delighted with their second-place finish.

All of the teams that took part are looking forward to next year's championship which will be held in Scotland. They hope to encourage more women to compete in the sport in the future.

Everyone in the England Ladies team was delighted with their MacWet gloves and will continue to use them in future tournaments.