MacWet Supports Teams in Round Ireland Offshore Challenge

16th July 2013

MacWet is proud to support a number of teams who plan to circumnavigate Ireland at the end of July. The event is the largest of its kind that will take place in 2013.

Over thirty boats have officially entered the event and there are a range of different crews including professional mariners, private enthusiasts and even families. The main aim was to attract people from different walks of life with boats of all different type and description. They will become the largest powered flotilla to ever circumnavigate Ireland.

The average distance travelled each day will be 145 miles and the event will provide some very testing conditions for the crew and the boats. Throughout the trip, the teams will have the chance to view some dramatic coastal scenery and catch a glimpse of some incredible marine life.

The all-weather grip that MacWet gloves provide will be vital for many of the teams and will help them in their endeavour, rain or shine. We wish them the best of luck on their trip and are proud they use MacWet gloves.