Zara Phillips trusts MacWet for Olympics!

31 july 2012

Zara Phillips's Olympic debut got underway on Sunday when she rode High Kingdom in the dressage, keeping her Olympic medal hopes alive with an impressive performance in difficult conditions following the overnight thunder storm on Saturday.

Wearing her MacWet Gloves to ensure "all grip, no slip" and maximum control and feel on the reigns, Phillips and High Kingdom scored impressive sevens and eights in the trot sections of the test. After an impressive result in the Cross Country, Great Britain currently occupy second position in the team contest, with the strong show-jumping event today.

In the crowd watching Zara were her Mother, The Princess Royal, and her Grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as her husband, Mike Tindell.

Phillips is back in action on Tuesday in the Show-jumping, where the predicted weather conditions will make the extra control and sensitivity provided by MacWet gloves will be extremely beneficial.

Designed with the rider in mind, MacWet have developed a technologically advanced glove which really is 'all grip and no slip'.

The first of their kind on the equestrian glove market, MacWet gloves are made from a uniquely responsive fabric which automatically adjusts to the climate to maintain maximum comfort, sensitivity and feel at all times. With an unrivalled grip, the high quality, high performance gloves provide maximum control across all climatic conditions, as well as through water jumps and mud spray.

The unique, breathable Aquatec fabric used on the palms and fingers of the gloves minimises the effects of humidity, perspiration and precipitation by actively drawing moisture away from the hand to the outside of the glove, where it is used to increase grip. Whether conditions are dry, wet or humid, the gloves retain their soft feel and with a natural drying time of just 5-10 minutes, comfort and performance are never compromised.

For a superior 'second skin' fit, the gloves are available in 14 different sizes and 2 cuff lengths, all with adjustable cuff straps to ensure you remain comfortable throughout any ride. This skin-tight fit and unique lightweight Aquatec fabric gives you full movement and sensitivity through the reins for complete control; you can even tack up a horse without removing your gloves.

So far, the Olympics have experienced both wet and hot conditions, meaning that the unique attributes of MacWet gloves really come into their own as the temperatures vary from extremely humid to wet. So with 100% grip, even when wet, it is easy to see why the gloves are essential kit for amateurs and professionals, including Olympic riders!

Extremely durable and machine washable up to 40°c, the gloves, starting at £27.99 a pair are available in two seasonal options to suit different climatic conditions. The Micromesh glove, developed specifically for warmer weather is available in 6 different colours and is designed to aid circulation around the hand, with light, cool and breathable mesh fabric on the back of the glove. While for cooler weather, the new Climatec glove, available in 4 different colours is windproof, water resistant and features a fleece lined Gortex fabric on the back of the glove for extra comfort and warmth.

When performance really counts, choose MacWet. Everyone at MacWet Gloves is delighted to wish the whole of Team GB, including Zara Phillips, good luck for the London 2012 Olympics.