Round Ireland Offshore Challenge comes to a close

20th August 2013

MacWet is proud to have sponsored a number of teams who have circumnavigated Ireland from 26th July-4th August. The event was the largest of its kind that will take place in 2013.

27 boats officially began the event and there were a range of different crews including professional mariners, private enthusiasts and even families. The boats were welcomed wherever they went but tough conditions resulted in many of the crews dropping out - only 19 finished from the original 27. The teams met varied conditions - from light breezes to near hurricane force off the West Coast and 6 boats even saw a 300ft high twister and had their boats spun by it. The main aim was to attract people from different walks of life with boats of all different type and description.

The average distance travelled each day was 145 miles and the event provided some very testing conditions for the crew and the boats. There were multiple sightings of dolphins, sun fish and whales. The flotilla visited such sights as the Giants Causeway, the mighty Skellig Rocks, Bull Rock and the Fastnet lighthouse.

The all-weather grip that MacWet gloves provide were be vital for many of the teams and helped them in their endeavour, rain or shine. We would like to congratulate them on their endeavour.