'Team MacWet' for the Win!

16 April 2011

Known for his love of MacWet gloves, karter Toby Allen has been dubbed 'Team MacWet' whilst competing on the circuit.

With the help of his 'all grip, no slip' MacWet gloves, Allen has successfully gained his first spot on the Motor Sports Association while racing on the Mansell Raceway in Dunkeswell, Devon.

Racing on a circuit designed and built by one of the greatest racers, Nigel Mansell, winner of the 1992 Formula 1 World Champion and the 1993 CART Indy Car World Series, the circuit is built to challenge the very best racers.

Competing in the upcoming Dragon Challenge 2013, Allen remains just a few points behind the reigning champion of the Dunkeswell KC Championship.

With his cool head, tight line and the best grip around, 'Team MacWet' has every chance of seizing the 2013 Dragon Challenge's top spot.