Tony VanGeffen , editor of Quiet & Electric Flight magazine has tested the MacWet Climatec

2 April 2011

Tony VanGeffen , editor of Quiet & Electric Flight magazine has tested the MacWet Climatec gloves and was thrilled that they really improved his experience in cold weather. Tony usually avoids cold weather and has tried 3 types of glove, finding climatec to be the best. Tony has written up about his experience with MacWet in the latest issue of Q&EFI, you can also read his write up below:

"Cold or Sweaty Hands? Need Better Grip of Your Tx?

I'm not one that chooses to fly models in cold weather, nor do I like standing in the bitter wind holding my camera, but my job has been made easier recently with some sample MacWet Sports Gloves received for assessment in various conditions and I must say that they have made the cold weather more enjoyable for me to take photographs and to fly in. I was able to try three types (Micromesh and long and short cuff Climate) and was more than pleased with the results. Being lightweight these MacWet gloves fit really well and give the wearer finger-touch sensitivity through the material. I was able to feel the controls of both the camera and transmitter with complete satisfaction in knowing that I was able to select functions and switches without fiddling around that would otherwise be a hit-or-miss affair with thicker gloves or cold hands. These gloves are available in two options; Micromesh, being mesh backed to aid air circulation on warmer days, or Climatic being fleece lined, water resistant and windproof – ideal for winter months; both options offer durability and are easy to wash – now that's worth thinking about!

The manufacturers MacWet Ltd. have developed a uniquely responsive material here called Aquatec® that guarantees maximum grip in all-weather conditions, and its inherent wicking properties enhance comfort and performance, and I can confirm with no reservations that they are very comfortable and warm, and most of all are touch sensitive, which is very important when flying model aircraft.

So, if you find that big clumsy or fingerless gloves contribute to poor handling of your Tx (or camera) then why not give these MacWet gloves a try – I found the 'all grip, no slip' technology has certainly helped me!

The gloves are available in 14 sizes and 4 colours, with long or short cuffs for your preferred comfort, and prices start for Micromesh gloves at £27.99 and the Climatec gloves at £29.99. To find out more visit or telephone 0845 603 9075 or 01902 701219."