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MacWet Gloves Heritage

The McSport Group was established in November 1999 and manufactures the MacWet glove. Originating as a waterskiing glove in the UK, the comfort and enhanced grip technology of MacWet's products has steadily gained the trust of sportsmen from various sporting capacities, across the globe.

MacWet has enjoyed great success in the golfing, shooting and equestrian arenas – with fans such as Senior Professional Tour Golfer Gary Wolstenholme MBE, International equestrian Eventers Polly Stockdon and Oliver Townend, National Hunt Champion AP McCoy, British All Round Ladies Champion Becky Bream, Wales and GB Clay Shooter Graham Evans and Olympic Dressage professional Laura Bechtolsheimer, to name a few.

The clear link between golf and MacWet has been recognised for some time now by professional and amateur golfers alike. MacWet are now associated with golf veterans Glenmuir Ltd who consistently provide top golfing events, such as The Open with appropriate clothing.

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With the rising success of the sports products, the McSport Group were quick to expose MacWets to other sports in need of a high performance glove. Well known in the United Kingdom, MacWet is being transmitted to Europe and has now made its way across the ocean to the United States. The brand can now count over 35 sports, which require the superb MacWet grip.

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